Play is universal. All children, from all cultures and all countries, play. Play is a child-directed, intrinsically motivated activity. Play is the process by which young children develop and grow. Within the classroom, our goal is to set up a play environment in which children can increase their self-concept with success through activities. Our structured activities and play centres have themes which change on a regular basis and are geared towards your child’s physical, language, intellectual, social-emotional, and creative development.

8:45 AM – Arrival

This is time for the children to remove their outerwear, come into the classroom, put on indoor runners, name tag, and place their snack in their cubby. Parents are kindly asked not to leave until 8:55 a.m.

9:00-9:15 – Table Time

Children will be provided with a variety of worksheets to practice fine motor skills like tracing and drawing, and basic concepts like same and different, size, opposites, go-together, and left and right. This is also the time to play with table top toys. Parents may stay for this time (if they wish) as they help their child settle in.

9:15-9:30 – Circle Time

The children will be signalled that it is circle time by blinking the lights in the room once. This lets them know that it is time to put away anything that they might be playing with and find their designated mat to sit on. Circle time is an opportunity for children to practice speaking and listening skills – its time will vary, being shorter at the beginning of the year, longer as the year progresses. Circle time will begin with our morning song, followed by verbal attendance. We will go through our days of the week, add days to our calendar, and make an observation on the morning’s weather. During this time we will read a story, children will be encouraged to ask questions about the story and about what they see. Show and Share will be implemented later in the year.

9:30 – Structured Play Centres & Activities

This time will begin with the children being lead through the classroom and shown which stations are open. They will also be shown the open-ended art activity and/or craft. This is a time for free-flow supervised playtime throughout the different stations. They will be encouraged to participate in the planned activity and/or craft – but allowed to explore the materials provided and express themselves freely. Self-help and problem solving will be encouraged whenever possible.

10:15 – Clean-up

The children will be cued to clean-up time by the blinking of the lights. Everyone is expected to participate and help each other pick up toys and clean up the art and activity stations.

10:30 – Snack Time

Children will be escorted to the appropriate washroom by the teacher. They will be asked if they need to use the toilet and supervised in hand washing to ensure they wash their hands properly with soap and water. They will all have their own placemat set out in the classroom and they are to bring their snack from their cubby to the table. Conversation will be encouraged as long as everyone is snacking well. As children finish, they will throw out their garbage, recycle juice boxes, wash hands, and make their way over to the carpeted area.

10:50 – Quiet Reading Time

At this time children are welcomed to pick from a wide variety of books provided by the Edmonton public library as well as our own well supplied personal library.  This works as a calm transitional time, giving children a chance to explore their favourite stories while the others are finishing up their snacks.

11:00 – Gym or Outside Time

At this time we will head to the gym or head outside. We will spend as much time outside as possible, so please ensure that your children bring weather-appropriate clothing. The children will be allowed time for free-play, but also taught different games that exercise their gross motor skills.

11:30 AM – Dismissal

We will sing our good-bye song and parents may pick up children outside at the playground (when applicable) or in the classroom.

* Please note that when working with young children things may not always work out at the exact time or in the exact way as planned. The times shown are a guide only and they may be modified on a regular basis in adjustment to class mood, the theme, or special activities planned. If you have any questions or concerns with the daily schedule, please do not hesitate to ask the teacher.