COVID Guidelines

Here at North Glenora Playschool we are doing everything we can to keep your children safe and that includes following the Alberta health guidelines regarding Covid. We have implemented the following changes to our program in order to keep us safe and healthy!

Parents will drop off their children at the front door and pick up either at the park (if weather permits) or at the front door. We ask parents not enter the building unless absolutely necessary and if they do enter the building, they must be masked as per the city of Edmonton bylaw.

According to Alberta Child Licensing, the children are considered a cohort and therefore masking it’s not necessary while in the classroom. We do practice extra hand-washing as well as sanitizing throughout the day.

The children have their own washroom which is cleaned and sanitized after each playschool day. Our teachers fully clean the classroom including all high touched surfaces and toys at the end of each playschool day.

Please find below the Covid guidelines for daycare & out of school care per the child licensing. Follow this link for more information from the Alberta Health Website.

Click here to read the COVID guidelines as a PDF (0.5 MB)